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A Book Lover's app like no other


BookSniffer has everything. Hundreds of daily deals, scoured from all over the web. Fun memes and shareable quotes. REALLY advanced search. A library of millions of books (and growing daily). Links to multiple retailers. Custom shelving and library management. Direct messages from authors you follow. SHAREABLE libraries. And we’re just getting started… tons of awesome new features are coming soon.

BookSniffer by the numbers…

BookSniffer is growing FAST. We’ve just launched our iOS and Android 2.0 apps in the past 60 days, and we’re already making a splash. 


Average rating across iOS and Android


Average time-in-app per reader


Projected monthly unique readers by the end of 2021


3,000,000+ books in our libraries, and adding tens of thousands daily


Over 2,600 authors already part of the BookSniffer family



BookSniffer donates 10% of mobile ad revenues to libraries, classrooms, and literacy programs

On BookSniffer, your followers are YOUR followers.


Email open rates are getting worse. Organic post visibility on the major social media platforms is almost non-existent. We’re here to offer an alternative.

On BookSniffer, your followers are YOUR followers – and you can message them free, once per month, directly to their mobile devices, at the time of day THEY indicate they want to hear from you… because if you can’t reach them, are they really your fans, or are you just spending ad money to keep readers engaged on someone else’s platform?

Your BookSniffer Author page is AWESOME.


Who lets you link to your own social media profiles, you tube channel, website, and newsletter on THEIR website? No one. Well, except BookSniffer. We build you a fantastic landing page with links to ALL your profiles and ALL your books, including a shortcut BookSniffer link that will take readers right inside the app to follow you.

We’re tearing down walls over here. You’re the author. You built these wonderful worlds for readers to immerse themselves in. When your fans (new and old!) find you on BookSniffer, we don’t try to keep them in our ecosystem. We send them right to you.

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