BookLuck giveaway campaigns are designed to deliver actionable results.

There’s lots of traditional reasons to do a BookLuck giveaway – introduce readers to your series, gain followers, get more reviews… and those are all valuable. But BookLuck campaigns go a step futher. Several steps further. They’re designed to give you important data you can use to strengthen your marketing – and to ensure readers who sign up for your giveaway are *actually* interested in YOUR book… not just clicking buttons. Targeted audiences, reader feedback, and intelligent comparisons to benchmark data – so you can tell how YOUR book specifically stands out from the pack.

Get feedback on your book cover

We all know there are three things that sell a book: cover, blurb, and targeting. But do you *know* how well your book is performing in these areas? On BookLuck, readers earn points by rating your cover – points they can use to win books they want to win. Find out how well your book cover is performing against other covers in your genre with detailed reports provided after each campaign.

Split test your ideas

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously with alternate covers and blurbs, then compare results to *know*, not guess, which combination will sell best. 


How's your blurb?

If you’ve done any research about writing blurbs, you’ve probably discovered that there are about as many “blurb theories” out there as books. What do readers in *your* genre think of your blurb? Too long, too short? Do they like your plot idea? Do they like your blurb writing style? After a BookLuck campaign, you’ll know… because readers will tell you as they rank and rate your blurb to earn BookLuck points.

Get more reviews

If you set “reviews” as your campaign goal, we’ll only give your book away to readers who agree to review it, and we’ll do the followup. We’ll reach out to readers automatically 3 times, at two week, four week, and six week increments to remind them to write a review. We’ll give them a link to go post their review – and we’ll reward them with extra BookLuck points for doing so.

Test your targeting

In your campaign report, you’ll be able to drill down into audience types to find your sweet spots. Have a fantasy book that fits in a few different genres? Find out if your book is performing better with Epic Fantasy fans versus Coming of Age fans. Think your thriller is a good match for Stephen King fans? Find out definitively with “also-like” reports, so you can better target your keyword and product advertising. 

Only $50 right now for being an Early Bird

We’re launching BookLuck to readers as soon as we have 100 titles to give away. Be one of the first 100 and get your BookLuck campaign for only 50 bucks. Future pricing will be based on demand – and we’re expecting demand to be high. Lock in your price now by signing up early.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many books will I give away in each giveaway?

Right now, each giveaway is for 100 books. After our first 100 giveaways are completed, we’ll review this number to make sure authors and publshers are getting enough bang for their buck – and enough data to do meaningful analysis.


How much data will I get?

The odds of winning a sponsored book (yours) is 1 in 20. So, when your campaign is complete (assuming you chose “Data” as your campaign goal), you’ll have recieved approximately 2,000 feedback responses, including cover rankings, blurb rankings, and specific feedback about what resonated – and what didn’t.


When will you launch?

Our expected launch date right now is March 15, 2021, but it depends a bit on how quickly we sell our first 100 campaigns, and how quickly we can generate buzz among readers. We might launch sooner if we sell our first 100 campaigns quickly enough.

Can I set my own giveaway dates?

Yes! Each campaign must run for a minimum of 5 days with a minimum of 7 days lead time, but you can set start and end dates to conicide with your other marketing activities.


What happens if I don’t give away all 100 books during my campaign?

You’ll get credit to use your remaining books in a subsequent giveaway.


Can I extend my campaign date instead?



How will I know how my campaign is doing?

You’ll have access to a real-time dashboard to keep your finger on the pulse.


Can I give away pre-release titles?

Absolutely! BookLuck is a great way to do a pre-release ARC campaign and to dial in your marketing before your big launch.


My book is in Kindle Unlimited. How will a giveaway on BookLuck affect my eligibility for KU?

KU exclusivity rules prevent you from giving away books outside of their platform *except* for the purposes of “editing, proofreading and helping with other quality improvements.”.  (This is as of 2/28/21 – check the latest Terms and Conditions on Amazon to make sure you’re up to date with current KU eligibility rules).

There’s an easy way to solve this:

We can facilitate your giveaway and make it explicitly clear, to every winner, that this book is enrolled in KU, and therefore, the reader must agree to provide feedback on typos they find. We’ll make them check a box and record their confirmation, so you’ll have documented evidence if the big mean Zon ever comes after you. This will reduce the speed at which you give away your books to some degree, but it’s an easy fix.

Note: we’re not going to check to see if your book is in Kindle Unlimited before we run your giveaway – YOU have to tell us so we can set up your campaign properly! You can take your chances and just run an ordinary campaign on BookLuck despite being in KU, but we don’t advise it. Better safe than sorry!


What does the reader experience look like?

We’re still keeping this secret while we file our design patent application this week. But once we have 100 authors signed up, we’ll be hosting a live demo to to show you how it all works, and to train authors and publishers on how to use the platform. If you don’t like what you see in our demo, we’ll offer you an instant refund of your $50, no questions asked. 

I think I would want to run a bunch of these. Is there a volume discount available?

Yep. Get in touch with us and we’ll negotiate something great for you 🙂