Is your book in Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited terms of service prohbit you from distributing your book on another platform. If they catch you, they could remove your book from KU.

We can still facilitate your giveaway, though! We can wait until your giveaway is complete and invoice you for the total amount needed for us to buy books directly for your readers, plus a $25 delivery fee (25 cents per book for our peeps to buy them for each reader). Or, you can do a print book giveaway if you prefer!


My book is not in K.U.

I’ll do a regular ebook giveaway

I'm in KU, I will pay for the books and the delivery fee

We’ll invoice you when your giveaway is complete.

I'd rather do a print book giveaway

We’ll take you back to the previous page to make your selection.