• Create a profile
  • Get a custom link to invite your fanes to follow you the platform
  • Fans will see YOUR new releases when they log in on the platform, along with any other authors they follow
  • Connect your books
  • See how many followers you have
  • Directly message up to 100 fans, once per month


  • Everything included with Storyteller, plus:

  • Add social media and website links to your profile

  • Create Custom book excerpts for each of your titles

  • Message up to 500 followers, once per month, included with your membership

  • Get the Wordsmith badge next to all your books on the platform




























At its core, BookSniffer is an app for book lovers that enables them to follow their favorite authors and genres, enabling them to receive notifications about new releases, book deals, and even direct messages from the authors they love. No more subscribing to dozens of deal sites, mountains of email, digging through spam folders to find what they want… one app, with all the book news they want – WHEN they want it. BookSniffer users can set their book news alerts to arrive any day of the week they like, or every day, at the specific time of day they want to receive them.

Moving forward, BookSniffer will be LOTS more than just a book alert system. We’re building games, communities, custom shelving systems, fan clubs … BookSniffer is going to be exactly what book lovers and authors want it to be.
BookSniffer is owned by a small and growing group of authors who are looking for a better way to reach fans and build our reader base. 10% of all app revenues are donated to libraries and literacy programs.


As a BookSniffer author, you can invite your fans to follow you on the app, making sure they never miss a new release, book deal, or important announcement from you again. As a free-level author, you can build a profile, connect your books, and message up to 100 of your followers per month in our direct messaging system.
As a Wordsmith member, you get more customization of your profile, including the ability to add all your social media links and links to your website. Imagine, a platform that breaks down the walls between you and your reader! You’ll also get the ability to upload CUSTOM excerpts for your books – no more “first 10%” look-insides that you can’t customize. You can also message up to 500 followers, once per month, as a Wordsmith member.

The above is just the beginning. We’ll soon be making great promotional opportunities available for authors to help you grow your readership, including featured genre takeovers, PPC book ads, paid messaging to genre followers, and more – all priced with the goal of ensuring you ALWAYS get a great ROI on the BookSniffer platform.