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Click on your book. Get thousands of keywords organized in a single downloadable spreadsheet. Done.

KeywordThingy builds you a list of keywords you can use on AMS or Google, or even BookSniffer, custom-tailored for your book. No, it’s not like that other product. It’s way, way better. And doesn’t take any fiddling in Excel to get your keywords ready to upload. Seriously, it rocks. It’s the bee’s knees. The cat’s pajamas, even.


Why you need KeywordThingy

KeywordThingy builds you a single downloadable spreadsheet of thousands of keywords, customized to YOUR book, its genres, and its also-boughts. When you’ve got more (and better) keywords, you can lower your bids on AMS and spend your budget more efficiently. You already knew that… but if you advertise on AMS, you already know how long it takes to build a list, even using other third-party tools.

KeywordThingy does all the work for you, not only getting you ALL the authors and titles for ALL your book’s genres, but also your also-boughts and the top also-boughts for your genres.

It then cleans up that list and makes variations for you – without quotes, with quotes, with puncutation, without punctuation, plus leading and trailing words people might search for.

KeywordThingy will save you hours of miserable, soul-sucking work, but also makes it way easier for you to build huge keyword lists and lower your bids.

Which means you can get back to writing (or procrastinating and watching cat videos, as you prefer.)



Easy to use

Click on your book. You’re done.

That’s about it. We were going to try to come up with something fancy to say in this section, but it’s pretty much just a button that gives you what you need.

Organized Data

What You Get…

Bestselling authors in your genres

And not just a list of names. All the variations you need no matter where you advertise. With quotes, without quotes, with periods, without periods… no need to clean up the list you get from KeywordThingy – it’s already organized for you.

Bestseller Titles

All the titles for your main genre, subgenre, parent genre… cleaned up without the subtitles, parentheses, and all the other junk you spend hours fixing in Excel.

Your Also Boughts

When you know what other titles people buy when purchasing your books, you’ve got a big edge on keyword targeting. You can click through the pages and pages of also boughts… or let KeywordThingy do it for you instantly.

Top Also Boughts in your genres

We also sniff the alsoboughts of the top bestsellers in your genres and build you a well-organized keyword list from the data we get.

You're a writer. Get back to writing.

Marketing your books is neccesary, but why should it take up countless hours of your time? KeywordThingy will save you hours and hours of work every time you use it – hours you can spend creating wonderful worlds for your readers.

“Where has this tool been???” – David Estes, author of “Fatemarked

We spend hours building keyword lists every week. This is going to save so much time, the cost is a no-brainer. Glad this finally exists.

“Wow. Just wow.” – Andy Peloquin, author of “Warriors of Blood and Shadow“.

I mean, really. Wow. This is a game changer for me.

“I have my Saturdays back. ” – L. James Rice, author of “Eve of Snows

KeywordThingy is the dumbest name for a product ever. But if they called it “Burn me with a hot poker” I’d still be glad they made it. Because that’s what building a keyword list used to be like.

Compatible on all platforms

No software to download.

If you can open a spreadsheet, you can use KeywordThingy. (If you need free spreadsheet software, try OpenOffice.)


Seriously, it’s the cat’s pajamas.


One low price gives you unlimited access for your pen name

We’re having a sale! Sign up now and get KeywordThingy Monthly All-Access pass for ALL your books under one pen name for only $19/mo!

Are you a publisher? Do you run several pen names? Do you have a metric ton of books you want to use this for? Get in touch and we’ll create a custom program just for you.

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