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BookSniffer is the next generation, retailer-agnostic book search engine, deal finder, and library management system for book lovers.

We’re a mobile-first platform designed by authors, for readers. You know that app everyone has been wishing someone would build? We built it. And we’re making it better every day.

We know book marketing.


BookSniffer was formed by 7 successful authors who together slayed the book marketing dragon. We know how tough it is out there… and we’ve built something to make it easier to both stay in touch with your fans and find new ones.

BookSniffer by the numbers...


Average rating across iOS and Android


Average time-in-app per reader


Projected monthly unique readers by the end of 2021


3,000,000+ books in our libraries, and adding tens of thousands daily


Over 1,200 authors already part of the BookSniffer family



BookSniffer donates 10% of mobile ad revenues to libraries, classrooms, and literacy programs

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BookSniffer is live on iOS and Android in the US. We’re rolling out in the UK, Canada, and Australia in the coming weeks.

Promote Your Books on BookSniffer

Check out our ultra-affordable, ROI-focused promotional products for 2021, and reserve your featured positions on the BookSniffer platform today.

Top-Shelf Bestseller View Placements

BookSniffer readers browse the bestseller lists in their preferred genres and subgenres. Your chosen book or books are prominently displayed on the top shelf for the entire 2021 year. Only 25 slots available per genre – claim your position now for as little as $19.

2021 Targeted Keyword Results Placement

Readers search by keyword, your book shows up. Packages available for as little as 14 cents per keyword per day.

Self-Serve CPC Ads (Coming soon)

No highest-bidder auctions, just fair CPC pricing. BookSniffer readers browse inside our app, on our website, and in our targeted opt-in emails. Build high-quality creatives for your titles with just a few clicks, set your budget, and away you go.

Genre-wide messaging blasts (Coming soon)

BookSniffers are ALWAYS looking for the best deals. Have a limited time offer to share with our readers? Fuggedabout email. Reach them where they are – direct to their mobile devices – with high-engagement messaging packages delivered how readers want them, when readers want them.

Have you made your free BookSniffer account yet?

With a BookSniffer Author account, you can:
  • Message your own followers for free in the BookSniffer app
  • Make free 3d ads for your books
  • Claim your REALLY great author page which includes links to ALL your books, social media profiles, website, newsletter, etc.
  • Get your "follow me" link, which takes fans right inside the app to browse and buy your books.
  • Get CASH rewards for referring other authors!

These are just a few of the awesome benefits of being a BookSniffer author. Click "Claim My Free Author Account" now, it takes just a few clicks to get set up!