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A Publisher Account on BookSniffer is suitable for any publisher or author who manages lots of authors or pen names. Publisher accounts require only $99/mo or $999/year to get started – but the value you get far exceeds the cost.

Get unlimited KeywordThingy reports for ANY author

$3,980 value

KeywordThingy is a revolutionary new tool to help you quickly build timely, relevant keyword target lists (and ASIN reports) for any book – supercharging your advertising on both Amazon Advertising and BookSniffer.

Custom publisher dashboard

Publisher accounts get a dashboard to control all their BookSniffer campaigns in one place – and there’s no limit to the number of authors or pen names you can add.

$1,000 in advertising credits on BookSniffer

$1,000 in value

If you opt to pay annually, you get a bonus of $1,000 in ad credits on all our platforms. Use your credits for any of our ultra-low CPC advertising products, including keyword targeting, genre targeting, high-engagement giveaways, and genre-wide messaging blasts (coming Summer 2021)

Dedicated Client Success Manager

We’ll help you set up your account over Zoom, import your authors and titles, and educate your team members on how to take advantage of all the services BookSniffer has to offer. You’ll have continuous email access to your Client Success Manager who knows YOU and YOUR account – not just some ticketing system that stuffs you into a queue.

AdMaker McAdmakerFace

Value: TONS

Build beautiful, unlimited ad graphics, optimized for Facebook and Instagram, for any of your authors’ books, with just a few clicks. No photoshop skills required. No cover uploads – we import them all for you.

Let's meet on Zoom

If you’re interested in setting up a Publisher Account with BookSniffer, lets get together on Zoom so we can show you around and answer your questions. Click to pick a time for your meeting with our CEO and the Client Success Manager who will be there for you from day one.

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