The BookSniffer Missions

For Readers

BookSniffer creates fun, safe, next-generation mobile applications to help book lovers discover their next great read.

For Authors

BookSniffer empowers authors with effective free and affordable marketing solutions.

For Our World

BookSniffer intends to make the world a better, stronger, safer place by advancing the cause of literacy both locally and internationally.

By Authors, For Readers

BookSniffer is founded by seven close author friends who got tired of waiting for someone else to build the platform we’ve all been waiting for.

J.A. Andrews


Author of The Keeper Chronicles. Actual rocket scientist. No, really. Great at posting GIF comments.

Angela J. Ford


Author of Realm of Beasts. Marketing guru. WoW nerd. FOR THE ALLIANCE!

ML Spencer


Author of The Rhenwars Saga. Educator, mad scientist. Dark and mysterious.

Meg Cowley


Author of Books of Caledan. Artist, deadly archer with a lovely British accent.

JC Kang


Author of The Dragon Songs Saga. Martial artist. Can beat you up but won’t. Probably.

Eric T. Knight


Author of Immortality and Chaos. Social worker and entrepeneur. Long, luxurious hair.

Sean Hinn


Author of The Days of Ash and Fury. A bit touched, but means well.

For Readers

The BookSniffer apps have a gazillion awesome features. First, we scour the web every day for the best deals on ebooks and audiobooks, listing hundreds and hundreds of new deals each day. Filter by genre, sort by price… no need to sign up for newsletter sites anymore. If a deal is out there, chances are, it’s in the app.

Build (and share!) your own custom libraries, with custom sections and shelves. Move books from one shelf to another, make your own private notes, and rate books with our unique BookSCAPE system, where you can rate a book on story, characters, action, prose, and even editing, so other BookSniffers can find just what they’re looking for.

Like memes and shareable quotes? We’ve got THOUSANDS of Instagram-worthy memes and quotes for you to share with your friends. Save your favorites in your app so you never lose them.

Follow authors and get not only news about their latest releases, but also direct messages with exclusive content from the BookSniffer authors you love.

Soon, you’ll be able to do even more, including hosting your own private book clubs and discussion groups. YOUR groups, with YOUR friends and book buddies – safe from trolls and ne’er-do-wells. (Well, unless they’re YOUR ne’er-do-wells.)

For Authors

We authors spend way too much of our time (and money) harrying our fans to follow us on various platforms… and what do we get for it? Do you have *any* control at all over communicating with your followers? Nope. 😔 1,000 followers on a social media platform might maybe get you 10 or 20 likes when you post something. Maybe a handful of clicks. Maybe. Are they really *your* followers, or are you just promoting someone else’s platform for them? 🤬 We spend money on someone else’s platform to get OUR FANS onto someone else’s platform and we can’t even reach them.

So we try to get newsletter subscribers. Great. If we don’t constantly prune our lists, we’ll get maybe 10-20% open rates, if we’re lucky. If it costs you a dollar in marketing to get a newsletter subscriber, and you send an email to 100 fans, 20 of them open your email, and 4 buy your books, you’ve just spent $100 to sell four books. And we try to make up for it in volume. This HAS to stop.

Our fans are TIRED of email. Email open rates keep falling because everyone, their cousin, and their cousin’s best friend’s sister’s dog all have a newsletter. It’s not that your fans don’t want to hear about your new book – they do! But good luck cutting through all the spam and clutter.

Enter BookSniffer.

You can directly MESSAGE ALL YOUR FOLLOWERS on BookSniffer. Once per month. All. Of. Them. Free. Forever. Send them what you want, when you want – whether it’s a book deal or a cat video.

These messages come RIGHT to their BookSniffer app – at the time of day THEY indicate they want to get new book-related messages. The reader is in control of what they see, and when they see it. YOU are in control of what you send, and when you send it.

Free for you. Free for readers. No spam, no clutter, no noise.


There are 773 million illiterate adults in the world. Think about that for a moment. The entirety of human knowledge today is accessible via a handheld device – and 773 million people can’t access it. The cost of illiteracy doesn’t just impact these individuals—it also impacts their families and the societies in which they live. 

That you are reading this right now means that you know the joy of reading. The written word affects every facet of our lives, whether you’re a reader, a writer, or are just trying to read a road sign. 

BookSniffer aims to make a difference. That’s why we’ll be donating 10% of net mobile ad revenues to literacy programs, libraries, and classrooms in our neighborhoods and around the world. When more people read, the world becomes a better, stronger, safer place.

If you’re interested in partnering in our literacy mission, please contact us at literacy@booksniffer.app

From the UNESCO Tata Programme for Adult Literacy, India. Read the powerful impact stories of Kaliben Mansingh Rathore, Seema Devi, and Asha Devi. This is the kind of work we want to do.

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