Bust the charts in 2021 with a Top Shelf Sponsorship on BookSniffer


When BookSniffer app users scroll the bestseller lists, our Top Shelf is reserved for our clients. (That’s you.)

You can now reserve a spot on the shelf for all of 2021… but these slots are VERY limited, so turn your phone horizontal and Click “See How It Works” below.

The easiest ad you'll ever run.


Choose the top-level, subgenres, and/or third level genres in which you’d like your book featured. Choose the book or books you want to promote, and away you go. Your top-shelf slots are yours for all of 2021. Just set it and forget it.

Change the book you're promoting any time you like.


Have a launch you want to support? A deal you’d like to highlight? Want to boost an evergreen campaign for the first book in your series? Swap your books in and out whenver you want.

With the BookSniffer Click Minimum Guarantee, it's all upside.


Our packages are designed to guarantee you a click price of 25c per click…. but if your campaign yields more clicks than what you’ve paid for, great! There’s no cap, and you keep your position for all of 2021, no matter how hard you’re crushing it.

If your slot doesn’t yield the minimum amount of clicks for your campaign in 2021, we’ll give you credit you can use on *any* future BookSniffer campaigns – including Keyword Sponsorships, CPC ads, and daily deal messaging blasts.

No bidding. No auctions. Just fair, affordable pricing.


We price our sponsorships to guarantee you a 25c click price maximum – and your clicks are measured fairly. On BookSniffer, if someone clicks your ad multiple times in one day, we only count the first click. If we detect fraudulent or even unlikely click activity, we’ll always err on the side of our clients and credit back any funky click activity.

Early Bird Pricing for a VERY Limited Time


Right now, our 2021 Top-Shelf sponsorship slots are available at a 50% discount off regular prices. But don’t worry if you don’t want to tap yourself out before the holidays – for any package over $99, you can break your payments up over 12 months.

Only 25 slots available per shelf


These sponsorships – and the Early Bird pricing – are first-come, first-served… and we’re ONLY going to be offering 25 total rotating placements per top-level genre, subgenre, or third-level genre. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so get your reservation in RIGHT NOW!